Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pukie's Tale

Ok, I was going out with this guy who was a supervisor at my work (not over me though) and he was SOOO hot, like my dream guy. he was buff and black and dressed so nice and was a couple years older than me and was totally hot. i was so excited when he asked me out. so we were going to go to a movie, but the earlier show was sold out so we went back to his appartment where all of his equally hot roomates were all hanging out. we were chillin around then his roomates decided to go get beer. (fyi i am a TOTAL lightweight and i only have to have like 4 beers before i am really really drunk) and when they got back i chugged a few beers and was gettin kinda buzzed and i chugged a couple more and before i could stop myself i turned around and threw up all over his model hot roomate. in front of my date, his hot friends, and everybody. the worst part was that i was too drunk to go home cause my family would freak out and i couldnt drive anyway so i had to stay there for like another 6 hours until my buzz wore off enough for me to drag myself into my room and go to sleep. the worst part was that he asked me out again and insisted that it wasnt that big of a deal and that it happened to everybody sometime. like an idiot i went out with him again and we stopped by his appartment and his roomates took one look at me and were like "hey its pukie!!! dude that was so gross! i hope your sober or i dont want you to come near me!" i was totally humiliated.

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Always know your limit!