Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Nice Boy

I was set up on a blind date with this guy who a co-worker sweared was good looking. Yuh sure. To be nice, let's just say he wasnt my type, or anyone elses I know. Anyway, he picked me up in his mustang and kept staring at me from the corner of his eye. He shoulda been watching the road because he almost crashed like 3 times. I was nausous the whole time. All I kept thinking of was how to get outta this situation! OMG. His mom calls and we have to make a stop at his parents house before we actually go out. Its bad enough already...now his parents crib?? Okay we get there and pretty much his whole family is there. Asking me questions like "So how long you been dating? Are you guys gonna be married? He's a nice boy you know..." LOL. I almost died in that living room. His older brother comes out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom and starts harassing me telling me to ditch his brother to spend one night with him!! What a sleaze. We finally leave and get to the movies. Of course on the way into the theater I see people that know me and I turn beet red trying to hide with the popcorn in front of my face. Oh, I pay for the date. It seems he's low on cash tonight. We get inside the theater and when the lights go out he leans in and touches my thigh....I throw up a little in my mouth. Then he makes a move. ALREADY?? Ugh...I dart away like frickin warp speed and tell him im gonna throw up. He asks if I would like him to console my pain?? I burst laughing and tell him I gotta go to the bathroom. What the hell do I do?!?! I walk out and he's outside the bathroom waiting for me! It seems he was worried..how sickly sweet. I tell him I puked and I need to go home. So we head out. The whole ride home was a talk about how his uncle and brother called to say that they would really like to see me pass by some time for family events. MHM...disgusting. Anyway, we pull up, I gag again as he leans forward to attempt to kiss me again. And step out walking very quickly as he stares at my ***....I watched him leave through my window, made sure the coast was clear called up my friends and headed out to for ten shots of vodka.
HAHAHA..you'd think thats the end right?? Guess who walks through that bar door?
His uncle and brother...
What a night.
The next day I had call block service set up, and lots of tylenol

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