Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Marlins Fan

I had a guy from Orlando take me to Boston Lobster Feast, which is a pretty awesome place to go! ( all you can eat lobsta! ) He insisted we get there by a certain time, ( like right when they opened the front door. He insisted we sit at a particular table so he could see the lobsters come out of the kitchen piping hot.. he insisted I get nothing to drink but water, as it would fill me up, then leaving LESS room for the losbter... and then after listening to him tell me how he was suspended from teaching high school pending an investigation, (cause he got arrested when the police pulled his car over while speeding, being driven by a prostitute who was in the car with him, without a license and she of course, had drugs on her) and watching him strap on his feed bag for about three hours, he asked me to pay half the bill and half the tip. Then he took me to a lake down the street, where I payed for the parking and tried to get me to walk around the lake at a swift pace ... ( 3/4 mile around the lake. ) I made it a half lap, sat down and smoked a cigarette while he finished his walk. When he was finished we drove back to his place so I could drop him off. On the trip he told me I was "pudgy" and should have walked and smoking would kill me. Ah, btw, he was wearing a Florida Marlins T shirt, green socks and reddish colored shorts and black tennis shoes with velcro, but they were WAY outta date.( Like 1980) When I pulled in the drive way, he said.... " So you wanna come in and give me a B***J** or what? I don't think this guy ever batted an eye when he said that or to this day has no clue what a total WAD he is....

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