Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hungry For Love?...no, just hungry

I did everything correctly, told her the truth about myself, met her in a public place, did not look at the bill after dinner, but what happened before and during the day was like a bad Twilight Zone episode.
I had to work later than expected, called her and apologized, if she wanted to change that was cool with me she just said she was hungry. I could understand, so was I. We met at Italian Village at 745 or so, and introducted ourselves. Dinner came and she was not messing around, she looked like a cow the way she put the food down, cleaned one plate, then ate mine. She then made the comment after ordered a entire cheesecake that she likes dates where she can get two for one (eat dinner and have lunch to take home). Still in shock I di did not look at the bill, just paid it and we left. I put her in a cab home, where she had to sit in the back by herself to let her stomach go down she ate so much. She got home and I said goodbye. The next day she calls and says thank you for the date and wanted to see me again. I told her I was busy. As I type this I think of the women who post ads looking for and wanting a decent guy, and it sucks that so far the only ones who have replied to me have been pigs.

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