Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Good Friend

Editors note: This poor bugger gets hit in the head with a ball of ice, lip split, face swollen and his good pal makes out with his date...some friend!
My friend and I planned to take our dates to this make- out place on a mountain top, but my friend's date got sick, which meant that it was my friend, my date, and me (my friend and I had met our dates the night before). Part of our mountain top journey was that we had to drive on a mountain fire road, and snow had fallen the night before.
Of course all the party animals and 4X4-ers were out that same afternoon enjoying the snow and drinking beer; somehow, though, as we drove along the mountain road, some ace managed to throw a ice-ball through my open window, and the ice-ball hit my cheek and mouth.
The ice-ball gave me a fat, bloody lip, and a swollen cheek, which meant no making out; my date decided to go at it with my friend (that was 30 years ago, and for the record I am still close with my friend). Fortunately, I was able to make use of the abundant snow and make a compression pack to at least minimize my cheek swelling.

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