Saturday, May 27, 2006

Crazy For You (or maybe just crazy)

After talking to this girl on the phone that I had met
from a newspaper singles ad we decided that since she
did not drive I would have to pick her up at her
house, violating my rule of always conducting the
first meeting in a neutral public place. since I
worked the evening shift after I got off of work one
evening we went to the only 24 hour restaurant that
was open, as if it was not bad enough when she started
talking to herself . It really freaked me out when she
started answering herself, having a conversation with
herself. I was expecting to see her head spin 360
degrees and for her to start spewing pea soup, like
the scene out of the movie The Exorcist. So needless
to say I got her home as soon as possible, I declined
her invitation to come in as I dropped her off,
claiming that I was too tired and practically laid
rubber trying to get away from there! Never to be seen
or heard from again!

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