Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's Your Story?

I know you've got a bad date story you've been hiding so c'mon, cough it up! Send it to us at or leave it as a comment on this post.

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Anonymous said...

Ok the worst date I ever had was a valentines day 1st date with a guy I met on an online dating site. He seemed very interested in me, I was only a little interested in him but they say that's good right...

So he drives down to see me, I lived about an hour from him and he met me in my town. I'm always late, so I show up at the restaurant about I don't know 10 minutes late, and turns out he has told everyone at the tables around ours that I'm coming and I don't know what, because they are all staring at us and smiling and can't stop looking, so I felt like a zoo exhibit the entire dinner.

Well as I arrive, he hugs me and tries to kiss me, and hands me a huge valentines basket with candy and small gifts, including a pink plastic pair of handcuffs! So I think this is all a little odd, then during dinner he is just staring at me all googley eyed, I couldn't believe it as I was in my 30s and that hadn't happened to me since high school.

At the end of dinner I was eager to get out of there, and he says, but you said you would go with me to the movies! I said, well I said maybe depending on how tired I was, I never said definitely and I am really tired (I was, but also wanted out of there). He pulls out 2 movie tiks, he had already stopped and bought them! So I felt bad and thought ok at least he can't stare at me in the movie. So instead about halfway through the movie he starts trying to hold my hand, I keep shifting away and he keeps holding on moreso, by the end of the movie he is holding my one hand with both of his, and stroking it, which I think is totally bizarre since we just met and I am clearly trying everything not to hold hands.

We go outside and by this time I think this guy is really not in touch with reality, I am a little concerned about if he would do something crazy if I told him I'm not interested, better to be safe and wait and tell him on email. So he goes to kiss me and I figure, one little peck on the lips and I'm done with him forever, fine, good bargain - instead he proceeds to give me the grossest kiss I've ever had. He actually sucked on my lips as if they were a baby bottle! With a rhythmic sucking that a baby would use and all. I was so disgusted and it was actually a difficult physical effort to remove myself due to the suction.

I was so horrified I just didn't know how to react and I had to get out of there, so the only time I think I ever lied and told a guy I would talk to him soon when I know I most certainly would not! Then I jumped in my car and drove off, and I watched very carefully to make sure he wasn't following me, because he seemed so obsessed.

The next day he emailed me a long message telling me he was in love with me and all kinds of sentiments related to that. This man did not even know me, he didn't know any of my values or goals or a lot of other basic stuff. I wrote him a carefully worded message saying no and I thought he was nice but not the right guy for me. He wrote me an email in response longer than this story in which he completely ignored my message! I wrote back and asked him, did you get my message I sent on Tuesday? He says yes I got it, but I didn't see how you could mean it, and wrote another page about how he is so in love with me. I stopped responding and he continued to write me messages for 2 months, which I deleted. Thank goodness I never gave him my number or let him know where I lived.