Saturday, April 01, 2006

G.I. Jane

A buddy (using the term loosely) wanted to set me up with his cousin. She was about my age, not bad looking (he showed me an older pic) and since I was having in a dry spell (I'm not George Clooney) I agreed and the date was set.
It was a weekend morning and we had decided to meet in the coffee shop area of a local bookstore. I got there first and was trying not to look nervous, one eye scanning the store for the demure slip of girl that I'd seen in the photo, when in swaggers the person, jeans, black t-shirt, MUSCLES , no make-up and a hair that I would describe as a modified mullet!I was polite and tried to hide my confusion as I went to the counter and got her a coffee. When I returned to the table, my date (whom I'll call "Sarge") mentionedthat she had just gotten out of the service, missed it terribly, and started telling me stories about her military adventures around the globe with her best pal (whose name I forgot) also a woman this date wasn't so much bad as confusing. I know , as we talked, that Sarge was checking out girls from the corner of her eye (I was too) and the date ended with a too firm handshake (Owww Sarge!!) and she said she'd like to see me again...what the hell for? This girl was clearly a pretty butch lesbian...anyway, I'm still scratching my head.
Editors Note: Maybe she just wanted to "Take A Walk On The Mild Side"!

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