Friday, April 07, 2006

Everymans Nightmare (at least one of them)

Many thanks again to Kathryn for letting me use this story from the blog section of her website :
Remember that horrible song about personal ads? "I love pina coladas..." where these two people meet and it turns out that they have been communicating with their spouse? Well, here's a real-life story that nobody could make up: Daniel Arceneaux of Marseilles, France, traded emails for months with "Sweet Juliette" as "The Prince of Pleasure." Finally they arranged to meet on a remote beach, and understandably were shocked to find out that they were mother and son. And then, to make matters worse, they were arrested for being on a restricted beach after dark. They blurted out the whole story, the cop wrote up a report, the local TV station got it, and now they are famous.

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