Thursday, March 09, 2006

Never Again Craig!

This is why I'll never do a craigslist date again.  I
think everyone tries it once, and then learns his
I responded to a personal ad off craigslist and the
girl sent me a blurry picture of her. She looked ok
in the picture. So we agreed to meet at a restaurant
for dinner before seeing a movie. I was on the bus
nearing the restaurant to meet her and she calls me on
my cell phone. I looked out the window of the bus and
saw this girl talking on her phone and her talking was
matching the words coming out of my cell phone. I was
stunned. This girl looked like the back of my sack.
How she managed to talk the camera into taking a
semi-decent picture of her is beyond me. My thought,
"abort!" I could easily have stayed on the bus, left
this girl on that street corner, and gone straight
home. But my conscience got the better of me and told
me not to just stand this girl up. Besides, maybe she
was a cool girl and maybe we could be "just friends."
The restaurant (her choice) was really shitty. Worse,
she was boring and not very bright. I sat through the
rest of the date just hoping this girl wouldn't want a
kiss goodnight, nor would she want to call me again.
Fortunately neither happened.

Never again, craigslist, never again!

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