Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Jerk

So, I met this guy at a club and he was extremely respectful and nice. We made a date for a movie and dinner. I drove to meet him, and he then told me that it was unacceptable that I didn't have on jewelry. He refused to have any input in choosing the movie, saying that if it was bad, I wouldn't be able to blame him for taking me on a bad date. (After what happened later in the evening, a bad movie would be the least thing I would hold against him.) After the movie we went for dinner- at Taco Bell. We took our tacos back to his house and ate on the floor of the living room- on newspaper so that we wouldn't spill on the carpet. His brother showed up and when we were introduced he said to my date, "Oh, yeah, she is cute," as if I wasn't in the room. Then he said to me, "You look like you have a cute little body. Stand up and let me look at you." Did he really think I was going to stand up and turn around so he could get a better look at my body? Later he held my hand like he was going to say something really romantic, but instead told me that I better have my nails done the next time I came over. Then, after telling me how much he liked my butt, he asked me what size pants I wore. I was in such shock that I actually answered, 6 or 8 (truthfully), to which he responded, Tell the truth, it's really a 10 or 12. Needless to say that I never expected to speak to him again. When he called four times in a row a few days later, I finally answered the phone. He then started to yell at me about how I was unappreciative and that a girl had never disrespected him by not calling him after a date. (What girls had he been dating?!) He then said that he was going back to his "player ways" and he wished that he had a picture of me to hang up in his bedroom so that when he brought girls home he could show them who ruined him for them. Psycho. He then continued to call me routinely for several weeks even though I never answered or returned calls. I had to leave his number in my phone for fear that he might call and I might actually answer on accident.

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James said...

How do people get this mad!?

He sounds like serial killer material.