Saturday, February 04, 2006

Puker Story #3 (or is it #5?)

My bad date was the once and only time I went on a blind date set up by my friend when we were in our late teens. He was this bodybuilder type, totally arrogant, and obnoxious. In the car, (he was driving), he would crank the music up really loud when anyone would start to converse. All he talked about was his lats, and abs, and quads...and would interupt whenever someone would start talking to someone else about another topic.
Then we get to the bar we were going to. My friends' boyfriend was in the my "date" proceeds to get drunk and he was not a pleasant fun kinda drunk either. He kept grabbing me and pulling me up to dance, when I really did not even want to talk to the guy.....on the way out, (I ended up having to drive home)...he got sick all over the place...down the front of himself, then complained about my driving all the way back to my friends boyfriends' place.
Thank God he passed out and my friend and I took a cab back to her place and I never saw the guy again.
That stands out in my mind, because whenever someone would want to set me up, I would pass....bad bad date.

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