Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A friend of mine really had the hots for a college girl who worked part-time at the local convenience store. He would make excuses to go in there, just to lust after her. He finally, after a pep talk from yours truly, decided he would summon up the nerve to ask her out. He wore his coolest clothes, got up his nerve and swaggered in (my friend is 28 but this girl was HOT and he was nervous like a 16 year old) He strode up to the counter and looked her in the eye and said "I'd like to buy some cigarettes." She said "Can I see your ID?" He kind of gave a snort/chuckle and at that moment a large "greenie" flew out of his nose and onto her perfectly manicured hand that was on the counter. He turned and ran like hell, never to return again.

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