Friday, January 20, 2006

The Dangers of Smoking

This happened a number of years ago. It was a hot August afternoon in the Southwest and I was driving home after a day of swimming with my new sweetie. She was looking very fine in her teeny , tiny bikini and all I had on was a pair of cutoffs. As we drove back to her place, stealing glances back and forth, I took a cigarette from a pack in my visor. Suavely placed it between my lips and with my thumb cooly flicked a wooden match into flame...unfortunately I also managed to "cooly flick" the burning sulpher head off of the match. Where, speeding along at 40 MPH, I watched it fall onto my most prized possesions, that had apparently found their way out of the leg of my cutoffs. Now I don't know wether it was the terrifying swerving of my Volkswagon, my high pitched screams, or the torrent of swearing that followed, but for some reason, she didn't invite me hurts.

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