Monday, January 16, 2006

And "Baby" Makes Three...

So I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was excited that this guy from my neighborhood who I'd had my eye on asked me out. He had just broken up with his (crazy as a loon) girlfriend. Now, he had a really thick wanna-be-wise-guy Jersey accent, but his hot body, square jaw, thick jet-black hair and blue eyes more than made up for it. And boy, could he kiss. Hoo-weee! Anyway, we go to the boardwalk and are having a good time when his ex calls. And calls. And calls. And calls. She's screaming at him, "Are you out with a girl? We just broke up, were you cheating on me with her?!" Etc. In two seconds, he turned into a p****whipped, whiny little mouse. He even paid a stranger to say "Yo, Stevie, the table's ready," into the phone so she'd think he was out with friends. She must have called thirty times during our date, and the worst part is, he would not turn off his phone! He kept answering it, swearing he was not out with another woman! "Awwww, baby, I'm not out with a woman, I'm out with the guys..." BABY?! I could hear her screaming from 10 feet away! Anyway, then he tells me he's tight with these VIP's, who I happen to be tight with...and let me just say, these are people who HATE hangers-on...which is what he was, because my friends never heard of him. Anyway, it was such a weird situation after that, I told him I could not see him anymore until he resolved everything with his ex. Really, I didn't EVER want to see him again, so I moved shortly after that. Well, I just got a promotion so I don't have to travel for work anymore-I used to be gone three weeks a month-so now that I'm home a lot, guess what I found out? His mother lives three doors down. And he just moved in with her. So now I have to see him almost every day and hear "How's my baaaabydooollll?" and listen to him drone on about how's he's ready and looking to get married. Let's just say, I'm looking to move AGAIN. Perhaps out of state.

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